Stress free in the sun – a summer check list for holiday makers

Before you head off for your summer vacation, take a moment to ensure all your invoices will be paid and your credit card is ready to travel.

1. Pay existing bills and switch to e-invoices

Before leaving for your holidays, make sure to pay all invoices you have already received. By switching from paper to e-invoices, you can make sure all your invoices are saved and accessible in Netbank.

2. Utilise automatic payment and Netbank alerts

Additional Netbank services make it easier for you to remember and pay invoices also during the summer.

The most convenient option for you is to choose automatic payment of e-invoices, where all selected invoices will be automatically debited to your account on their due date, with no action required on your part. 

You can also employ e-invoice alerts and receive notifications of incoming e-invoices via e-mail or text message. You can choose to confirm the payment of such invoices via text message.

An alert can also be set up for when the balance on your current account falls below a set limit. Alerts can help you keep track of available funds during your holiday and anticipate upcoming expenses.

3. Take your credit card with you on holiday

Your credit card is an excellent travelling companion: it allows you to pay for purchases and make cash withdrawals all over the world. In Finland, you can also use it to withdraw cash at many shops.

When you travel, we recommend taking two credit cards with you. This way, you can, for example, concentrate all online purchases on one card, and use the other card for payments on the go. The two-card system enables you to monitor your expenses and ensure your payment card has sufficient funds available. When travelling, keep one of the cards extra safe, in a safety box at your hotel, for example, so you may use it as a back up, if necessary.

The Nordea Gold card comes with an extensive travel insurance policy, which is in force when at least 75% of the aggregated travel and accommodation costs have been paid with the card using the credit account.

You may also acquire the travel insurance policy separately. Find out more about Nordea If travel insurance.

4. Check your credit limit and restrictions on your card 

In order to make sure you do not run out of credit on your travels, check the credit limit and available funds on your card beforehand.

Also make sure the security limits set for your card match your needs, taking into account any notable upcoming withdrawals or purchases. If you do not intend to make online purchases during your vacation, disable online usage on your card.

Remember to also check for geographical restrictions on the usage of your credit card. You can determine yourself the areas where your card can be used for payment and withdrawals. If you're not planning to leave the country this summer, restrict card usage to Finland only.

5. Keep your bank on your phone

Download our Mobile Bank on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile Bank allows you to manage all banking-related matters conveniently and securely and keeps you up to date on your finances.

Mobile Bank also lends extra security for when you travel: you can monitor your account and card usage and react immediately to any mistakes or misuse. In such cases, contact Nordea 24/7, tel. 0200 3000 (local network charge/mobile call charge), as soon as possible. The service is available around the clock. 

6. Keep your access codes with you

You can do your banking conveniently irrespective of time and place as long as you have your access codes. The codes are required to authenticate the user's identity in Netbank, Mobile Bank, and our telephone service. 

By downloading our code app on your smartphone or tablet, you can make electronic user identification easier, as you only need your user ID and the PIN code of your choice to access your bank details, and you no longer have to carry a separate code card with you.

Tips for stress free summer banking were given by Hanna Kiraly and Tero Pirskanen from Nordea.

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