Five reasons why you should use the new code app

The new code app has been introduced alongside the traditional code card. Below are five reasons why you should switch over to using the code app instead of the code card.

1. Ever missed the due date on an invoice or been unable to make an online purchase because you did not have the code card with you? You will never face these situations again with the code app, as it allows you to confirm payments using your smartphone or tablet – without the need for a separate code card.

2. Tired of striking over used codes on your code card? Unable to log in to Netbank to do your banking because you forgot to strike over the last code you used? With the new code app, logging in is easy – all you need to remember is your user ID and your personal PIN.

3. Have you run out of codes on your code card in the middle of a holiday or a trip abroad? With the code app, you will never run out of codes and never have to wait for your new code card to arrive.

4. Are you a frequent user of Mobile Bank? The new code app makes Mobile Bank even easier to use. When you log in to Mobile Bank with the code app, you can confirm payments and transactions seamlessly with the code app.

5. Do you live abroad or spend long holidays at your summer cottage? The new code app will make it easier for you to do your banking and identify yourself in electronic services regardless of where you are. With the code app, you can identify yourself to Nordea Customer Service and handle your banking securely from Mon-Fri 10.00–16.30.

The code app can be downloaded for iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phone 8 and iPads from the respective app stores. See the videos and read more about the code app and how to use it at

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